The 75th Issue | 16th year | Sep – Oct 2019


World Cinema

François Truffaut’s life and artworks; part of French cinema history

Sparks of felicity in Truffaut’s films

Last Interview with François Truffaut; Raw materials in my films are rooted in my childhood

A note on François Truffaut / A Judas who made films

Review on “The Last Metro” by François Truffaut / The game rules

Romances of Absence

The revolution generation – Truffaut and “The 400 Blows

The role of classical music in The New Wave of French cinema

Review on “The 400 Blows” / Run away from the school

۲۴ frames per second illusion: François Truffaut’s American night

A revolutionary’s face in the youth

François Truffaut’s top 15 films

Films & Feelings

A Deleuzic approach to Japan in Carlos Reygadas’ Heaven

On Heaven as it is on Earth

Abstract of two Interviews with Carlos Reygadas / Free as fresh air


Cinema, May, 1968

History of cinematic events of May, 1968

۱۹۶۸, the days shaking France

The cinema of May, 1968

Interview with Philippe Garrel on “Regular Lovers” / Art and May, 1968


The court-drama: review on description of a murder and 12 Angry Men

Deconstructing the reality: Otto Ludwig Preminger and describing a murder

On 12 Angry Men (Sidney Lumet) and 12 (Nikita Mikhalkov) / One plus 11 Angry Men

Iran Cinema

Roundtable on “Scriptwriter and Director Interaction in Iran Cinema” attending Saeed Motalebi, Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, Hatef Alimardani and Javad Tousi

Dialectical process of thought, lapse and being

A dramatic illness: screenplay writing in Iran cinema

A cinema without image

A mirror in front of ruin

Chapter on Amir Naderi

A little about Amir Naderi / Wandering in tension and hurry

Interview with Amir Naderi / Digging the mountain

Meeting the runner, 35 years later / A cinematographic trust

Review on representing violence in “Farewell My Friend” and “Impasse” / The bad and the ruins

In praise and mourn of cinema


“Score”: “music for image” and “music for image”? / Farzad Motamen, Behzad Abdi, Saeed Aghighi and Hossein Assaran

Screening Schedule

Review on two short films: “Dash Akol” and “The Short Wave” / Writing with camera, reading via images

Affections to filing

The archive lover

Accumulation of the residue

Literature – Critic and Review

Roundtable on “Women’s Literature from 70SH decade till 90SH decade” attending Nastaran Mousavi, Mahsa Mohebali, Khalil Dermanaki and Mohsen Maleki

What are Iranian women writers write about?

Women Writers and an equality-seeking approach in transit from 1370 to 1390

Women identity from the myths to the contemporary literature

The conservative literature

The story-writing state of women today

Trend of story-writing in the last two decades / where on earth are we standing now?

Approaches and context of the women stories in 1370SH up to 1390SH

A glance at women writers artworks in the 1390SH decade


One of the four unpublished letters of Gholamhossein Saedi written to Badri Lankarani

Unpublished letter of Saedi and the situation of turbulent lovers; and “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot

Methods and Secrets of translation in an unpublished lether by Abolhasan Najafi; Without attempting a fake humility

Abolhassan Najafi’s letter to Saleh Hosseini

Dreams, selected relations and correspondences


Cornelius Castoriadis and Octavio Paz talk about facing modernity

Book Review

Review on “The Mute Dessert” from “Will You Marry Me Mr. Platanus?” by Mitra Moeeni / The mute narrator

Modernity: passing through Christianity, return to Paganism / How the World Became Modern / The story of a bend, a writer and a book

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