The 74th Issue | 15th year | Jul- Aug 2019


World Cinema

Akira Kurosawa life and artworks; part of Japanese cinema history

Interview with Akira Kurosawa/ Memory has an important role in innovation

A note on Akira Kurosawa’s living in his 50th anniversary/ Personal evolution via facing death

Akira Kurosawa and dialoque to Shakespeare/ The poet phantom

Throne of Blood and metaphysics of tragedy

Applied Spinozism: Body in Akira Kurosawa’s cinema

Radical capability of Rashomon

Brush and Lens“: Kurosawa as a painter-director

Oriental western

Something like an autobiography: The late films of Akira Kurosawa

On heights and falls/ An outlook of a country in twilight

Films & Feelings

Stephen Godek interviews Carlos Reygadas on Japan contributing in 2002 Cannes Film Festival/ Two protagonists hugging

Nation and post-nationalism: Contemporary modernism in Carlos Reygadas’s films

The dormant light: Interview with Carlos Reygadas

Light after darkness; Interview with Carlos Reygadas

Film of our era/ Eyes wide discerning

Art and Politics

Edward Said and nature of intellectual act/ In battle with Apartheid; in fictional exile

Edward Said and Eqbal Ahmad/ Literature l theory in post-colonial world

Said, Sartre and Palestine issue/ A bitter frustration

Edward Said and Passions of public intellectualism

From the Theories

The Author Theory

Notes on The Screenwriter Theory

Men with cameras


۲۴ frames: The universe that has got visible

Iran Cinema

Safi Yazdanian, Bahram Tavakoli, Behnam Behzadi and Javad Toussi talk about formic experiences in Iran cinema

Side concepts and applications of “form” in Iran cinema/ Cinematic superstitions

Formic modernism, narration and the new generation of Iran independent cinema

Bread, form and chance

Playing with time and motion

Screening Schedule

Report on 72nd Cannes Film Festival: Genres, fears and hopes

Poetry and Fictions

Hotel Insomnia/ Charles Simic

Shadow Memory/ Susan Orlean

The Yard of Moshtaqi’s House/ Faezeh Asna-ashari

Literature – Critic and Review

The articles of this chapter are in Farsi alphabetic order of the authors

Roundtable on “Time, Memory and Novel” attending Mehdi Afsharnik, Keyhan Khanjani, Mohsen Maleki and ehsan Norouzi/ Let the wind blows on these bones

Veronica’s handkerchief

Reconstruction of the past

Time, being landed

Fighting with death

Side effects of mechanical time

Memory, dialectics of dream and reality/ A chapter in philosophy of literature

Bringing, citing story of the lines

Common memory, common sense and cinema as the ego tablet


We are all Janus

Dialogue in the garden


Literal wealth of omission logic in Kiarostami’s “Certified Copy”

Politics of image from Clement Greenberg, Arden Reed and Linda Nochlin/ No text is a single text

A forgotten article regarding the art of adaptation/ Aristophane’s legacy

Kafka as the White House press advisor/ Where are we now?


First Sandwich then cinema or vice versa



Analysis on James Joyce’s “Exiles”/ Sunset in exile and ambiguity of romantic expression

Book Review

Review on “The Convicts Lock” by Keyhan Khanjani/ Phoenix in quarantine

Note on “Terrence Malick: Articles collection

A glance at “cinema and death” by Milad Roshanipayan/ Cinema: Sufi or philosopher?

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