The 73rd Issue | 15th year | May – Jun 2019


World Cinema

Andrei Tarkovsky  life and artworks; part of Russian cinema history

An interview with Andrei Tarkovsky, Movies of mine are episodes of my own life

Andrei Tarkovsky’s cinema / Abstract material of inside

Andrei Tarkovsky’s cinema reviewed from “Sacrifice” checkpoint

Andrei Tarkovsky and resurrection of image

Time and space boundaries in Andrei Tarkovsky’s cinema

Solaris as an ID machine

Fast forwarding towards apocalypse

Tarkovsky and directing Modest Mussorgsky’s Boris Godunov opera / Monster in the making

Tarkovsky’s cinema / politics of form vs. political form

Review on Steam-roller and Violin/ Image of multi-face Moscow

Films & Feelings

Jean Gabin’s fate

Gabin; adhere but modernist actor / Looking at night kingdom; my territory

James Stewart

The prettiest face, the greatest actress;

Kenneth Jones respecting brave performance of Jessica Lang on screen / Rare bravery

Short-lasting profession and eternal shining of Françoise Dorléac  / Almost famous

Lost: interview with Li Kang-sheng


Cinéma Vérité and New wave

American Direct Cinema and Maysles Brothers

Cinema and Women

Agnès Varda: The sea inside

Violet Loca interviews Agnès Varda


Cinema, symbol of democracy

Exclusive Interview

Mohsen Kheimedouz interviews Khosrow Khorshidi; Scene architect talks about scene architecture

What is scene architecture?

Iran Cinema

Genre cinema; Threat or Opportunity?; Genre shortness of breath within Neoliberalism

Genre cinema: “How” is more important than “Why”

Role of genre in Iran contemporary cinema

The possibility of genre creation in Iran contemporary cinema

A MacGuffin named genre

Amorphous shadows

Screening Schedule

Interview with Soroush Sehat about his first movie “Dance with Me“ / I imaged the mentality of the world

Poetry and Fictions

Petites Comedies Du Vice: Le Guillotine / Eugene Chavette

The Apostate’s Hood / Bertolt Brecht

Post-death Writings


Hereafter / Emmi Hampbell

Literature – Critic and Review

Literature; Issue or Question; Who created the creators?,

Dawn and midnight of contemporary Iranian fiction

Myths and realistic literature

Logic of problematic literature

Story and previous narratives

The agency issue

Novel and obligation?

Fictional boundless subject: A/ Maurice Blanchot

What does literature ask?


Reading Beckett in Trump’s era or “How to survive life beneath fascism shadow?”


The man of this story / Orhan Pamuk

Traumatic citation of Orhan Pamuk’s Black Book / A Proustian syndrome

Trauma in Tarkovsky’s Sacrifice and impossibility of fictional critics

Return to Principles

Return to principles; second- Gustave Flaubert

How Flaubert evolved literature forever?

The art of narration

Training emotions; two different copies / How Flaubert consolidated his style?

Dictionary of cliché believes

Book Review

Review on Shamar Migration written by Farhad Heidari Gouran

Short note on Cinema and Death written by Milad Roshani Payan

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