The 72nd Issue | 15th year | Mar – Apr 2019

World Cinema

-Life and art of Woody Allen; A glance at American Cinema

-Moscow-Manhattan: Russian Soul of Woody Allen Films

-An Interview with Woody Allen; A comic exemplum of a tragic world

-Parody in Woody Allen Cinema

-About the relationship of life and Woody Allens’ films

– Issac Babel, Woody Allen and jewish identity

-About “Match Point” and “Irrational Man”; Woody Allen’s Raskolnikov

-Woody Allen Cinema, Comedy of destruction

-Short documentary “Meeting W.A.” by Jean-Luc Godard/Black Bird

-Crime and Wickedness

-Reasons of avoid venerating Woody Allen

-End of Hollywood

Films and Feelings

-Cinephilia, Stars and Film Festivals

-Cinephilia and Festivals

-Something between friendship and love: Definition of Cinephilia and movie watching from Film Festival addressees point of view

Art and Politics

– Chris Marker and scenography policy

-Passionate and prophetic: Chris Marker’s radical photos effect on other artists

-An interview of Chris Marker/ Filmmaking as ecstatic dialectic

-Violet grays: Venerating Chris Marker

-Benyamin, Marker and political aesthetics

-Chipped memories


-Gangsters mystique world: Bugzy and Dutch Schulds

-Creative or trespasser: Benjamin Sigel, Bugzy and Bari Levinson

-Bathgate street kid: Billy Bathgate


-Cinema Direct or Cinema Verite

-Cinema Direct: static and technique interaction

-“Cinema Verite”, “Cinema Direct”: Sudden names ot theoretical paradigms

-Mixed truth

-Cinema Direct legacy

From Other Spaces

-What is minority cinema?

-Felix Guattari: Minority cinema and non-implicative signs

-From Liberation Newspaper interviews with Felix Guattari

Free Style

-Interview with Arthur Miller

Iran Cinema

-Iran cinema’s components and trends from Shapour Shahbazi, Ali Mosaffa, Siavash Asadi and Javad Tousi’s perspective

-A glance at fourth generation of cinema after revolution

-Cinema is not a wave

Cinematic Interview

About inspirational sources of a filmmaker, with Rasoul Sadrameli, Mohammad Hosein Mahdavian and Nima Javidi


-Subjective fantasy ruined us

-Night of the living dead

-About Seghap (Knucklebones)

-A brief review about Dayereye Mina (The Cycle)

Screening Schedule

-Subjecting study of Thirty Seventh Fajr Film Festival

-Thirty Seventh Fajr Film Festival Report

-Cinema va Adabiat (Cinema & Literature) interviews Mahnaz Afshar on her last film

Poetry and Novel

-Purgstall’s poets

-The mystery of Edward Fitzgerald

-Oyster White (2)

Exclusive Interview

-Manouchehr Badiee and Pouria Rafouiee’s dialogue on evolution of translation

-Refractory texts specialist; Maouchehr Badiee

Review and Criticisms

-Authorship is translation

-Delavar nanny’s cucumbers

-Interview with Morad Farhadpour on Unrest situation of translation and translation disease symptoms in retreat of history

-Borges and One Thousand and One Night translations

-A glance at translation from different view

-Literature and translation

-Unbalanced scale of translation in Iran

-Translator writer and Writer translator

-Interview with Minoo Moshiri/ Curing with translation

-Translation a literary genre?

-Translation, considered writing?

-The tale of whom tought each other


-An interview with Hasan Alizadeh/ I fool the death


-From divine mirror

-Said and unsaid of Blue Bicycle

-Hasan Alizadeh’s stories records



-A note on Rezvani’s pro Americans

-Autobiography crisis in Serge Rezvani’s Light-years

-A leaf mush’s vowel in tornado



Tehrans spirit in nineties

Book Critic

-Round table on evolution of time and space horizon in “Alout”

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