The 71st Issue | 15th year | Jan – Feb 2019


World Cinema

Federico Fellini and pieces of Italian cinema history

۸ ½ : Praise for artistic innovation

Interview with Federico Fellini: Life, Mi maestro!

Sorrow poem: About Fellini’s sweet life

Carnivalesque and Fellini’s Rome

Charlie Rose interviews Martin Scorsese on Federico Fellini

Psychoanalytical review on Fellini’s I Vitelloni, Juliet of the Spirits and Amarcord/ Wandering fantasies and dancing dreams in LSD harem

Possibilities for social imagination in Federico Fellini’s cinema

Fellini’s magic, a cinema of everything

Fellini, the lunatic and his last film, The Voice of the Moon

Review on the dual: 8 ½ and Juliet of the Spirits/ Truth is freedom

Films & Feelings

Identity, class and deprivation in contemporary cinema of Turkey

Colonialism reflection in cinema of Turkey/ Pendulum of nationalism and anti-colonialism

The Kurds issue in cinema of Turkey/ Pictures of a no-name conflict

Raha Erdem narrated by Raha Erdem


Direct Cinema

Direct Cinema and National Film Board of Canada

Michel Brault, the founder of Direct Cinema

Cinéma Vérité and Direct Cinema


Godard; the issue of cinema/ Cinema; the issue of Godard

Iran Cinema

Roundtable on “What is the source of Iranian cinema susceptibility” / Attending Farzad Motamen, Amirhossein Saghafi and Javad Tousi

Interview with Masoud Kimiaee/ Attend in the spotlight

From copy-works to intertextuality in cinema/ There is no original film

Being influenced or copying? That is the question/ Poor us!



Schizophrenic dialectic of Iranian cinema: A generic investigation

Urban and architectural characteristics as an excuse for not shooting movies in Tehran/ Escaping possibility from nowhere

Fathers meeting sons at zero time

Interview with Karim Lakzadeh

Screening Schedule

Report on the 12th Cinéma Vérité (International Documentary Films Festival)

Poetry and Fictions

Unnecessary Things

Oyster White

Literature – Critic and Review

The literature of the boycotted/ Mahsa Mohebali, Hooshyar Ansarifar, Hossein Namakin and Keyhan Khanjani/ Fatter than the majority

Few points and another opening


The suburban castle

Excessive character in Russian literature

From the cradle to grave

The intellectuals who arrived after hours

POV in terms of “how to observe”


The Pilgrim’s Bowl (Giorgio Morandi)/ Philippe Jaccottet

Persian novel;1400

Persian novel while approaching 1400: what to do?/ Selfie body or deceased body/ Ebrahim damshenas, Shahriar Vaqfipour, Amirhossein Khorshidfar and Khalil Dermanaki

Persian novel in 1390’s/ Walking along impossible passages

Sterile literature and author’s right to live

Persian novel at the gate


Literary misunderstanding/ Jacques Rancière

Love Sentence/ Lynne Tillman

The Strange Schwaben/ Roberto Bolaño

The Painter/ John Ashbery


On Magical Realism/ The wonderful reality and the empty field of imagination


Auto-villa project

Book Review

A note on Reza, the Patchworker, a novel by Mahyar Rashidian/ The artist’s face metamorphosis

Thinking on hunger/ Obesity or fitness? That is the question

A glance at Andrei Tarkovsky’s “The Sealed Time”/ In dream of boundlessness

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