The 69th Issue | 15th year | Sep – Oct 2018


World Cinema

Sir Ridley Scott and pieces of cinema of England / Homayoun Khosravi Dehkordi

Interviewing Ridley Scott  on Blade Runner / I created the human living in the future

Time and location in postmodern cinema: From Blade Runner to Wings of Desire

Sir Ridley Scott’s atheism

Ridley Scott talks about storyboards / The living gods of storyboard

Review on four Ridley Scott films focusing on Russell Crowe’s action / Fake author of pop cinema

Heavens territory: representation against symbols

Blade Runner and psychological economy of the subject

Review on “۱۴۹۲: Conquest of Paradise” / In search for the New World

Glance at Thelma and Louise / The address of feminism in the local routes

Reviewing Ridley Scott focusing on The Alien / Space, location and Scott

A note on Blade Runner directed by Ridley Scott / More human than human

Films & Feelings

Personal understanding from common concerns

Modern Turkish cinema: From Yesilcam till today

Points on the Turkish soul homesickness

Yeşim Ustaoğlu narrated by Yeşim Ustaoğlu

From the Theories

The Author’s theory

Films, directors and critics / Ian Cameron

Ideology, genre and the author / Robin Wood


Cinema nouveau manifesto / Aesthetic of hunger

Iran Cinema

Why there is no mature indusrrial cinema in Iran/ Iranian Hollywood discussed among Davoud Mirbagheri, Manouchehr Shahsavari< Hasan Fathi< Javad tousi

Cinema industry and the ruptured economy

Management and planning, human resources, optimum efficiency of resources and know how / Alphabets of development in Iran cinema industry

Cinema engineering; industry or art?

Shall we experience industrialized cinema in Iran? / The fugitive industry

Poetry and Fictions

Of the Autumn of Life and Poem

The Siege of Berlin and Other Stories / Alphonse Daudet

Literature – Critic and Review

The articles of this chapter are in Farsi alphabetic order of the authors

Enayat Samiei, Bahman Bazargani, Amirhassan Cheheltan and Keyhan Khanjani talk about “September 1941 and its consequences till now

Literature of seize / Ahmad Okhovat

James Joyce and colonialism / Shapour Behian

Napoleon and German romanticism / Mahmoud Haddadi

Passengers throughout history / Aboutorab Khosravi

Myth of Iran seize / Ebrahim Damshenas

War / Soheil Sommi

Literature and Marxism

Majid Madadi, Mashiat Alaee, Akbar Masoumbeigi and Khalil Dermanki talk about “Marxism and Literature” / The crucified left-wingers

Poem and communism / Alain Badiou

Why Marxism and Freudism are the only real literal theories?

Shamlou and literal obligation / Creating common insights


Putting to death of Emma Bovary: Literature, Democracy and Medicine

This is just a personal issue / Three aspects of novel syndromes

Track / Scott Fitzgerald


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