The 68th Issue | 14th year | Aug – Sep 2018


World Cinema

Life and Artworks of Michelangelo Antonion/  Architecture of empty frames/ Parts of Italian cinema history

Antonioni talks about narration to production of his movies/ narrations without start or end

Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Red Desert”: Painting as ventriloquism and color as movement

Antonioni, a cinema of the body and a cinema of the brain/ Gilles Delouse

Reviewing Agrandisman regarding  Antonioni’s modernism/ Looking at Empty Spaces

Framing, Painting, Collecting images: Antonioni’s Legacy

Antonioni, camera consciousness and extended time: Glance at modernity trilogy and the related unhappiness

Power of emptiness in Antonioni’s cinema

Glancing at Antonioni’s trilogy/ modernism; an antithesis to itself

A note on Il Grido (The Cry)/ Antonioni cries out

Michelangelo Antonioni’s cinema in terms of modernism and identity issue/ Ideology of existence

Films & Feelings

Notes on video criticism and cinephilia/ Camera-pen

A Universe of new images

Digital Auteurism in Film criticism

Labours of Love: in praise of Fan websites

The Academic Film Blog (2000-2015), A Eulogg

Art & Politics

In battle with amnesia, in praise of memories

Patricio Guzmán’s Chile, Friedman’s Chile/ Narrator of the departed in “Miracle of Chile

Nostalgia for the Light

Review on Chile, Obstinate Memory directed by Patricio Guzmán/ The neoliberal Chile: History and memory

Chile/ Noam Chomsky

Equipped to a sole camera/ John Pilger

Into the Theories

The Auteur theory

Notes on the Auteur theory

Reading, culture and the Autheur

Iran Cinema

Rakhshan Banietemad, Khosrow Sinaee, Mohsen Abdolvahhab and Javad Tousi talk about documentarism on fictions works

Documentary vision in “A Simple Event”

Interaction of documentary and fiction movies

Pseudo-film, a synthetic of documentary and fiction dialectic

Non-believing suspension in documentaries and fiction films: Differences/ Trues and lies

Abstract reality or dramatic event/ Parallel shadows

Docudrama in Iran

A real theater


Analysis on ups and downs on acting in Persian cinema reviewing Nasser Malek-Motiee’s references

Screening Schedule

۷۱st Cannes Film Festival and five directors/ Secrets of living: wonderful and horrible

Interview with Omid Abdollahi director of “Sohrab’s Journey” documentary/ The main reference was Sohrab Shahid-saless himself and his words

Poetry and Fictions

Of the Autumn of Life and Poem

Poems by Bruno Dussert

The Secret Man

Literature – Critic and Review

Suspension in fiction from POV of Mohammadali Sajjadi, Shahriyar Vaghfipour, Amirhossein Khorshidfar and Mohamadreza Goudarzi

Forms of suspension/ Ahmad Okhovat

Suspension and wonder/ Shapour Behyan

Living inside suspension/ Mohammadreza Pourjafari

Speech before the audience in terms of speech and writing/ Mahmoud Haddadi

The mute Shahrzad and the waiting sultan/ Aboutorab Khosravi

Persian and suspension/ Ebrahim Damshenas

Jump out of frying pan to the fire; the ghosts story/ Mehdi Ghabraee

Pouya Rofouee, Fares Bagheri, Keyhan Khanjani talk about suspension

There is something happening/ Mohammad Keshavarz

Note on “The Cask of Amontillado”/ Edgar Allan Poe/ Transl. by Khojasteh Keyhan

Suspension in 1001 Nights/ Mohammadreza Marashipour

How suspension becomes attractive in literature?/ Alireza Iranmehr


In the current chaos

World population is 10% of total cumulative population in the world

Suspension nature in “A Tombstone on a grave”


Abdollah Kowsari replies to Saleh Hosseini

Special Chapter

Soudabeh Fazaeli talks in her 70th birthday/ The tale describing the passing world

Discussion on “The Tale of Fennel Flowers” based on fundamentals of narration theory

Review on “The Tale of Fennel Flowers

For a life, for a model


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