The 67th Issue | 14th year | May – Jun 2018


World Cinema

Life and Artworks of Cristian Mungiu; history and cinema of Romania

Interview with Cristian Mungiu / I respect how reality exists / No assembly in the real world

Long shots: A reaction to the past in Romanian contemporary cinema

Individualism and totalitarianism in Cristian Mungiu’s cinema

Cristian Mungiu in “۴ Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days” and “Beyond the Heels

Asghar Farhadi’s “A Separation” influencing Cristian Mungiu’s “Graduation

An ethical glance at Cristian Mungiu’s cinema

Review on “۴ Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days” in terms of existentialism and ethical dualism

Review on Cristian Mungiu’s 5 short films

Cartesian coordinates in “Occident

Occident”, Cristian Mungiu’s first movie

Films & Feelings

Writing about acting / critic as an actor

Humphrey Bogart’s death

About Hanna

L’eclisse: Antonioni and Monica Vitti


Innovative remake of a classic movie: A chapter on “The Wages of Fear” and “The Witch

The Heros and the Graves: The Wages of Fear

Talisman of the fear fate: A review on William Friedkin’s The Witch

Iran Cinema

Round table on “Irani’s cinema problem: screenplay?” / Attending Behrouz Afkhami, Farid Mostafavi, Bahram Tavakoli and Javad Tousi

Screenplay; creating something from nothing

Interview with Abbas Baharlou about the challenging presence of writers and poets in the cinema industry

Trial in the desert / Or how the screenplay is erased during directing the movie

Obstacles and accelerations of screenplay writing in Iranian cinema

Iranian cinema: progress or declination?

Cinema and Literature in terms of Narration

An interview with Madjid Barzegar / The form is everything

Review on “A Quite Ordinary Citizen” directed by Madjid Barzegar

Screening Schedule

Analytical review on Fajr International Film Festival



Sade-Pasolini/ Rolan Barthes

Poetry and Fictions

I Am Of Ireland / William Butler Yeats

Come Dance With Me in Ireland / Shirley Jackson

Immigration / Peter Huchel

Gachsar Hotel / Siamak Golshiri

Literature – Critic and Review

Kaveh Mirabbasi, Abtin Golkar, Ebrahim Damshenas and Mohamadreza Goudarzi talk about “From Ancient Classics to the modern ones

Reciting classics

Roundtable on novel named 1800 to 1930 Europe and United States

 Why and how to read “Crime and Punishment”?

And all these undated classics

Calvino reading “The Seven Bodies

Interview with Abdollah Kowsari about the obligation of reading classics

Everyone has his own classics

The emotions of people in the prominent works

To learn and not to learn from the classickers

Nezami Ganjavi and James Joyce talk about universal order

Concept of Classic and the case of Classic

The classic piece and an evident sacred

Nabokov and greatest masterpieces of 20th century


Innovation within literature or the new which is not innovative


A variation to evil / the word-image relation in Yadollah Royaee’s 185th poem in “The Overflown”

Mechanism of flash back in Taj-o-ssaltaneh’s diaries

A translation fitting the original or not / Richard III


Narrative perspective

The oppression imposed on the novelist

Book Review

A glance at “I kiss your dreams” by Nazanin Ghanbari

Review on “John Cassavetes; proceedings

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