The 65th Issue | 14th year | Jan – Feb 2018


World Cinema

Life and Artworks of Ingmar Bergman; history and cinema of Sweden

Bergman by Bergman/ Bergman interviews himself

Review on “Persona”/ Observing others’ sorrow

Image and observe in Ingmar Bergman’s cinema focusing on “Persona

Bergman and philosophic implications of his cinema against existential citations

Review on “Winter Light”/ To live the death

Visual arts influencing Bergman’s artworks

Towards an anti-psychiatristic and anti-symbolistic interpretation of Bergman’s cinema

Cinematic discontinuity in Bergman’s faith trilogy

Why Bergman was important?

A portrait of the artist: review on “The Witch

A glance at Bergman’s cinema focusing on semiologic interpretation of “Persona

Faith in Bergman’s cinema and God’s silence trilogy

Theology of evil

Films & Feelings

Statics of “Persona

Review on “Cries and Whispers”/ Moments of redemption

Review on “Fanny and Alexander”/ Name me Ismael

About “Autumn Sonata”/ The old scar of autumn

Fanny and Alexander

Bergman on Bergman

The last look; “Saraband

Art and Politics

Liberalism and Hollywood/ In the Emperor’s realm

Hollywood, neo-liberalism and hegemony of the United States

Make the governor cry for more money

Short review on a book: “Neo-liberalism and global cinema, capital, culture and Marxistic critic”

Iran Cinema

Round table on “Experimental cinema in Iran”/ Attending Abolhassan Davoudi, Ali Sartipi, Shahram Mokri and Javad Tousi

Who holds the honor of Iranian cinema?

Experimental cinema/ Experimental in form, independent in content, avant-garde in structure

“Necessary” cinema

An experiment suiting this cinema

Experimentalism in Iranian cinema and the corresponding commonplace understanding

Screening Schedule

Interview with Oktay Baraheni on screening “Bridge of Sleep

Poetry and Fictions

Demands/ Grace Paley

That woman… That fire/ Rabab Hilal

The Single Tree/ Nasser Nabavi

Literature – Critic and Review

Farkhondeh Aghaee, Mahsa Mohebali, Monireddin Beirouti and Mohamadreza Goudarzi talk about “Gender influencing text

In another name

Henry James: As an artist and as a bachelor

From the vastness of equality

Earth could not become my homeland

Woman and myths functionality

Women writing on women/ Towards women’s poetics


Shiva Moghanlou and Sepideh Abraviz talking/ Loser narrators?!

Farewell to tragedy


A critic on “The Town that Died beneath Cedar Trees”/ Magic of regret of land

A note on Yadollah Royaee’s 79th poem in “The Overflown”

Dolce far niente”/ History of reference-less pronouns

Literary Dialogue

Interview with Mohammadreza Kateb/ The novel asks questions from the society that has generates itself

Special Chapter on Sanatizadeh

Abdolhossein Sanatizadeh and formation of literary genres/ An absent heritage

The father of mine; Abdolhossein Sanati

Beyond the endurance of his era

The anti-war feministic femme fatale

A text reciprocating between three genres

Reciting “Rostam in 22nd Century” in 21st century/ Footnote or novel: Law, advancement and nationalism

Book Review

Analysis and review on “The Tehranians” by Amirhossein Khorshidfar/ together with Mashiat Alaee, Mahsa Mohebbali, Keyhan Khanjani and Khalil Dormanki

Personal understandings from “The Tehranians

A glance at “Cinema; the visual anthropology” translated by Maziar Attariyeh

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