The 64th Issue | 14th year | Nov- Dec 2017


World Cinema

Life and works of Park Chan-wook and parts of history and cinema of South Korea/ Politics, anxiety, historical confusion

Interview with Park Chan-wook about “The Handmaiden”/ Korean revenge

A historical-analytical approach to New waves of South Korean cinema/ The infantry who will escape from the Möbius strip

A note on “Thirst”/ Living in the impossible

Park Chan-wook and the abstract structure of myths

Review on “Thirst” directed by Park Chan-wook/ The ruler and the moral decision apuria

Dual concept of Korea in Park Chan-wook films/ “Irony”, a basic dualism

Review on “Joint Security Area”/ a north-south story

Review on Park Chan-wook cinema/ Oriental parts of existence

Interview with Park Chan-wook/ Sin and salvation, the violence between

From revenge to love in Park Chan-wook movies/ even the robots can fall in love

Revenge, sexuality and violence in Park Chan-wook cinema

Review on Old boy by Park Chan-wook/ Tragedy and the circular logic of time

Films &Fillings

A new face in cinephilia/ Antoine de Baecque

DVD: A new form of social cinephilia/ Jonathan Rosenbaum

Cinematic Promiscuity: Cinephilia after Videophilia/ Lucas Hilderbrand

Nicolas Marcadé interviews with Antoine De Baecque/ Cinephilia, the immigrants society

Set the pieces free, a new task for cinephilia/ George Touliatos

Iran Cinema

Round table on “Critics and film critics position in Iranian cinema”/ Attendees Jahanbakhsh Nouraee, Ahmad Amini, Saeed Aghighi and Javad Tousi

History of film critics in Iran/ Iranian critic

Keynotes of feministic critics in Iran/ Feminism trapped in a void discourse of critics

Film critics and the interdisciplinary studies

The philosophy of criticizing/ Logic of criticizing, from theory to action

Confining or borderlessness of the text of film critics

Film critic in Iran/ Profession: criticizing

Rational dialogue and the etiquette of criticizing

Reviewing film critics and criticizing through Iraj Karimi films/ there is no shade for the sea

Interdisciplinary film critic, definitions and applications/ Limitlessness of inside and outside of human


Humanitarian character, cinematic phantoms

Voyage to the end of the night

Round table on “Characterization in Iranian cinema: stay, consistency and reaction of the audience” attendees Masoumeh Bayat, Robert Safarian and Behnam Behzadi

Dual life … or, how the borders disappear

Look how the fish chew my flesh

Reviewing the relation between “Subdued” and “Leila”/ Romantic illusion, feminine flip

The rhetoric of film: Identification and audience

Poetry and Fictions

To the Descendants/ Bertolt Brecht

Live Now/ Lucia Brown Berlin

A rainbow in the horizon

Literature – Critic and Review

Unsaid from deep inside of “mine”…

Mahmoud Hosseinizad, Kaveh Mirabbasi and Mohamadreza Goudarzi talk about Autobiography/ I confess…


Autobiography and the appearance

The position of “individual” in history

Obscured by reality

Rush towards individual history


Self-esteem versus autobiography

Dark hand, bright hand

Paul Auster and time capsule

Daily diaries and story

Life of André Dufourneau


Answer/ A simple and intimate note for Ms. Leili Galehdaran


An introduction on ornithology in the modern Persian literature; or, Dr. Hassan Yazdgerdi in search of a mystery

A glance at translations of Shakespeare works and review on the recent translation of Macbeth

Returning back to Yadollah Royaee and Reza Baraheni conflict/ Issue of 68


Eco and over interpretation

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