The 63rd Issue | 14th year | Sep – Oct 2017


World Cinema

Life and Art of Terrence Malick / Re-approaching recent decades of Hollywood / Homayoun Khosravi Dehkordi

An introduction to the recent Malick / Symphonies of wander

The Thin Red Line” / That statue is a nightmare

Legends reunion / Terrence Malick, Richard Linklater and Michael Fassbender / Processing the universe at the extremes of poetry

Issues of excellence in Terrence Malick cinema

Theological style and content in “To the Wonder” / Phenomenology of love catalyzed by cinematic unconsciousness

Analytical approach to architectural dividing of space in Terrence Malick cinema / Malick and metaphysics of space

Review on “The Tree of Life”, a film by Terrence Malick / Ulysses, the gypsy

The secret life of Terrence Malick

Review of “The Voyage of Time” / Transform it to reality; form and vacuum

Movies and Emotions

Michael Souleymane interviews Terrence Malick about “Badlands”

Natural wonder about Terrence Malick and his new transience epic / Providences of Dios

Review on “The Thin Red Line” / Bayonets in heaven

Event schedule of a film: “Days of Heaven

The child I was: “Knight of Cups

Review on “Song to Song”, a movie by Terrence Malick / Perhaps the music seduces me like the sea does

Middle East Cinema

Interview with Kamran Rastegar / Signs of memory and battle on the Middle East silver screen

Review on “The Remained Images” by Kamran Rastegar: Cinema, war and cultural memory in Middle east


Marathon of life: Review on two movies about running

Pilgrims of Zeus Temple: Hugh Hudson and “Chariots of Fire”

Review on “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” directed by Tony Richardson / An endless line

Iran Cinema

Round table on “Political cinema in Iran” / Attending Fereidoun Jeirani, Kamal Tabrizi, Farhad Towhidi, Omid Rouhani and Javad Tousi

“Tranquility in the Presence of Others”; the most political film in Iranian film history

Political cinema, from aesthetics of politics to ideological politicization

Review on the definition and spectrum of political cinema / Social or political, that is the question

Political cinema and how Iranian cinema relates with it

Analytical review on “political cinema” in terms of “genre” and “theme” in “Iranian cinema” / Political cinema; genre or approach?

Interview with Kamran Rastegar / Signs of memory and battle on the Middle East silver screen

Review on “The Remained Images” by Kamran Rastegar: Cinema, war and cultural memory in Middle east

Poem and Story

Three poems by Edmond Jabès

Where Is the Voice Coming From?” / Eudora Alice Welty

“Tha Black Hand of the Raj”

“World Memory” / Italo Calvino


Literature – Critic and Review

The articles of this chapter are in Farsi alphabetic order of the authors

Pouya Rofouee interviews Manouchehr Badiee / Subjectivism in literature

Writing within mind

In battle with style and streams of mind

Two keys, city map and myths in Ulysses

Fiction of the basic mentality

Associations of remembrance and memory

Subjectivism / Appearance and sounds, inside and sentiment

Memory without memories is a black tablet

Aesthetics of abstraction and Kant-wise revolution of literature


Lingual journeys

How old were I when I learned Persian?

How to learn Italian by oneself?

The wonderful endurance of mother tongue


How the image modernizes the word?

Portrait from Hans-Georg Gadamer’s POV

Dignity of image in Gadamer’s vision

Art and Philosophy

Guattari and Deleuze for another century / Applications of desires: Logic of events and the lines of escape

Stoic logic and logic of meaning

Preface of “Wars and Capital

Book Review

Persian report on Água Viva (The Stream of Life) / A brilliant sample of over-creation

Review on “Winter of Fear” written by Bahaa Taher translated by Rahim Foroughi / We are much smaller in the mirror

Review on “Hou Hsiao-hsien; Proceedings” / A train heading towards sorrow

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