The 48th Issue | 12th year | Oct & Nov 2015


World Cinema

  • Life and works of Mike Leigh / A Glance at Britannia Cinema History / Petty-bourgeois cache and evident realism
    • Interview with Mike Leigh / I make movies based on my instincts
    • Review on Mike Leigh movies focusing on formal affair and real affair
    • Mike Leigh through “Naked
    • A glance at “Naked
    • Mike Leighand Realism
    • About “ Turner
    • Life is Sweet” / Bitter and sweet life
    • Socio-artistic sources of Mike Leighcinema
    • Mike Leighcinema and real affair recall
    • Different types of “part of the total” in cinema and Mike Leighmovies

Exclusive Interview

  • Johnathan Rosenbaum’s role in introducing filmmakers and cinema of other countries
  • Exclusive interview with Johnathan Rosenbaum on Iranian Cinema / Universalist thoughtful

Iran Cinema

The articles of this chapter are in alphabetic order of the authors

  • Round table on “Audience recognition in Iranian cinema” / Sirous Alvand, Davoud Mirbagheri, Manouchehr Mohamadi and Javad Toussi
  • Audience-Cinema relation from pop and elite cultures POV / Case study on 80’s movies
  • Iranian cinema audience composition development / Audience characteristics comparison from the beginning
  • In search of the audience concentrating on theatres location
  • Which movies are Iranian audience interested in?
  • Iranian cinema audience as a market
  • The one who is in and the other one who got out
  • The audience and a cinema without genre and content
  • Interview with Hossein Farahbakhsh on “The reasons for loss of the audience”
  • Audience role in Iranian cinema and world cinema

Cinema / Story

  • Saaedi and cinema / Interview with Ja’far Vaali (actor, director and writer) on Qolamhossein Saaedi and his works
  • Overture on cinematic frame cognitive structure in Saaedi’s stories / Saaedi and his cinematic frames
  • Cinematic critic recall of Saaedi’s piece / J’Accuse
  • Citing short stories “The House Should be Clean” and “Moloos Korpus” screenplay from Jung Psychoanalysis POV and cultural studies

On Screen

  • Snake oil and runaway sparrow of reality / group discussion on snake oil and realism in Alireza Davoudnejad’s cinema / Hossein Mahkaam, Shaahin Karbalaaei Taaher, Fereshteh AmAni and Rouzbeh KamAli
  • The snake is in home but there is no oil miracle
  • On benefit and loss of snake oil / Quarreling with ordinary cinema
  • On screen / Threesomes beneath social movies skin

Poem and Story

  • A poem by Charles Baudelaire
  • Two phrases / Isabel Allende


Literature – Critic and Review

The articles of this chapter are in alphabetic order of the authors

  • Let’s write in honor of language / Ladan NiknAm
  • Round table on “Story language characteristics” / MediA KAshigar, Modjdeh Daqiqi, Amir Ahmadi AryAn / Language is the world of a story
  • Language cadastral in spread story
  • Accents of the story
  • In the language club
  • Story language and importance of language in writing profession and his unique style and signature
  • Percussion mirrors: about SAdeq HedAyat’sThe Blind Owl”
  • Virtual systems of POV as producers of different strains of language
  • Language in literature
  • Voices in prose
  • Language of the parrot
  • Emotional images woven in poetic abstraction
  • Story writing in human language
  • Language in Marcel Proust lexicon / Tower of Babel anxiety

Literature – Interviews

  • Ali Abdollahi’s dialogue with Abbas Mokhber / Poem and myth, windows opened to subconscious
  • Abbas Mokhber, translator of the bright strains of the words
  • Interview with Dr. Abdolhossein Farzad / Fatmagul’s fate is more important than Persian literature
  • A different researcher/ Alireza Shabanali

Book Review

  • Round table on “This dog is gonna eat Roxana”; a novel written by Qasem Kashkouli / Sara Salar, Mashiyat Alaaee and Yasser Hemmati
  • Mohsen Hakim-maAni’sdialogue with Alireza Qolami on his novel, “The Wall” / Everything was a picture

Respond to Letters

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