The 43rd Issue | 11th year | Nov & Dec 2014


World Cinema

Life and films of Steven Soderbergh, with a glimpse at the history of cinema in the US

An interview with Steven Soderbergh

A review on Soderbergh’s cinema

The philosophy of space and memories in Soderbergh’s Solaris

Soderbergh’s tribute to film noir by successfully mingling the form and the theme

Some thoughts about Soderbergh’s Kafka

Soderbergh and a Post-Modern situation

Soderbergh: A philosophical Cinema

Solaric, A Comparison of two narratives; Tarkocsky and Soderbergh: Death shall have no dominion

The Financial Regime of Artistic Cinema

Connection/Disconnection in three films of Soderbergh: Sex, lies and videotape, Eros, and the Girlfriend Experience

Films and Philosophy

Some Contemplations about the deficiencies of Neo Formalism

Christian Metz and the question of indication in Pictures

Christian Metz: Imaginary Indicative

An introduction to Cognitive Symbolism in Films

Films and Feelings

An introduction to Maurice Pialat’s Cinema

Jean-Pierre Gorin’s Criticism on “Naked Childhood”

Archives: We shall not Grow Old Together, by Maurice Pialat

Maurice Pialat; Marginalized in the Centre

Unanswered Gestures: Van Gogh, by Maurice Pialat

The Cinema of Surrender

Negative Space/In Theatres

About Camille Claudel 1915

Iran Cinema

Reflection of Violence in Iranian Cinema

The Bottleneck of Violence of Society

امید روحانی

Violence’s Reflection or Reflection’s Violence

The Effects of Violence on Iranian Cinema

Violence in Iranian Cinema

Violence in Iranian Cinema from the point of view of Cultural Symbolism

A Review on the Signs of Domestic Violence in Taghvaei’s Lineless Paper

About “The Fish and the Cat”

Documentary Cinema

An interview with Manoochehr Anvar

Cultural and Artistic Role of Manoochehr Anvar

The Strenuous Larynx of Words and Pictures

A Sound that never gets old

Poems and Short Story

Some Poems by Charles Baudler

The Old Whale

Original Resources


Review and Criticism

A Dossier about Writing Manners

Introduction: Mirrors Conformance

Intertextuality in Iranian Literature

Silence, Solitude and Intertextuality

Literal Marriages

Another view on Intertextuality

A Summary of some German Resources about Intertextuality

The Stairs to Heaven

Integration between the intertextual and the text

A review on Intertextuality in Shahnameh

From Question to Temptation

Lost between the lines

From Writing Manners to Reading Manners; An Introduction of Intertextuality

A View on Intertextuality

After the Story: A Disfigured Smile

The Practical Discovery of Bulgarian Lady

Intertextuality; The Origins of a Concept

From Paint and Image to the Words; Painting in Literature

Mario Vargas Llosa’s Dossier

An Interview with Mario Vargas Llosa

If Llosa was the president

Llosa and Novels

Mario Vargas Llosa: the Big Black Fish

Literal Dialogues

A Dialogue between Ali Abdollahi and Abdollah Kosari

Freelance Articles

Workshop discussion, why do we read stories and go to story writing workshops?

Mohamad Baharloo’s speech at Gholamhossein Saedi’s grave in Paris, Pere Lachaise cemetery


An interview with Mohammad Charmshir about the first days of learning, writing and breathing in the atmosphere of theatres


The signs of people’s identity and everyday life in Iranian contemporary arts

In Iranian mood


When the magic of animation creates adult children

The Realist wizard: Hayao Miyazaki and Spirited Away

The magic of solitude



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