The 42nd Issue | 11th year | Sep & Oct 2014

The World Cinema

Jean Pierre Melville: Life and Works

An Interview with Jean Pierre Melville about his films

A Review on Jean Pierre Melville’s Cinema

The Appearance of Sexuality in Jean Pierre Melville’s Thrillers

Jean Pierre Melville’s Gangster Films

Samurai: The narrow line between symbolism and realism

Functional Logic in Melville’s Noir Cinema

Gangster, not only another tragic hero

Moving Gestures

A Review on The Army of Shadows

A Review of Melville’s Narrative elements and filmmaking style

In the Realm of Light and Darkness

Melville as an Author

Ellipsis in Melville’s Films


Jean Mitry: Phenomenology and the essence of cinematographic image

Jean Mitry: Phenomenology of image and Film’s Register

Film Editing as the Film’s Sole Narrative


Artistic European Films’ Place in American Culture

Films and Feelings

A Prelude to Philippe Garrel’s Cinema

The Secret Infant

Masochistic Defeat, about Philippe Garrel

An Interview with Philippe Garrel


An Exclusive interview with Oleg Negin

A review on Leviafan

Free Subjects

Smart Cinema

Iran’s Cinema

Staging; a legitimate or illegitimate child of auteur theory? A conference with: Mahmood Kalari, Kianoosh Ayyari, Behrooz Afkhami, and Javad Toosi

Staging in six scenes

Without Staging; Never

When we are talking about Staging, what are we talking about?

Staging in Naser Taghvaei’s Films

A review on the Staging in Rakshan Bani-Etemad’s Films

Staging in Kianoosh Ayyari’s Cinema

Staging is another name for Cinema

Poems and Short Stories

A Poem by Baudelaire

An analysis on Baudelaire’s poem

My Desk

A Story by Heimito von Doderer

A story by Hulio Kortasar

Literature- Criticism

The Manners for writing and reading from three different points of view: Naghmeh Samini, Mohammad Hassan Shahsavari, and Peiman Hooshmandzadeh

The manners for Love

Manners for Writing and Reading

Self-Mutilation Manners in absolute darkness

Where I write

Everywhere, Everything, Every how, Write and Read

My Digital Pens

Story is my Shelter

The Pencils were left inside Books

The earth, Human, Dreams and Writings

Fruitful Writing Moments


Place in Writing Time

My King Ghosts

Take it Easy

Milan Kundera

Life is somewhere else

A Review on the new Novel by Milan Kundera

An Invitation to the Laughter and Forgetting

Kafka, Heidegger, Fellini, by Milan Kundera

Literature Interview

A Poem must be like and Earthquake

Free Subjects

The Secret of the Trial

Vladimir Nabokov and Pnin


An Interview with Mohammad Yaeghoobi

About Adaptation in Plays

Intellectual Table

Literature Intellectuality, an interview with Dariush Ashoori


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