Preface World Cinema François Truffaut’s life and artworks; part of French cinema history Sparks of felicity in Truffaut’s films Last Interview with François Truffaut; Raw materials in my films are rooted in my childhood A note on François Truffaut / A Judas who made films Review on “The Last Metro” by François Truffaut / The game rules Romances of Absence The revolution generation – Truffaut and “The 400 Blows” The role of classical music in The New Wave of French cinema Review on “The 400 Blows” / Run away fromبیشتر بخوانید
Preface World Cinema Akira Kurosawa life and artworks; part of Japanese cinema history Interview with Akira Kurosawa/ Memory has an important role in innovation A note on Akira Kurosawa’s living in his 50th anniversary/ Personal evolution via facing death Akira Kurosawa and dialoque to Shakespeare/ The poet phantom Throne of Blood and metaphysics of tragedy Applied Spinozism: Body in Akira Kurosawa’s cinema Radical capability of Rashomon “Brush and Lens“: Kurosawa as a painter-director Oriental western Something like an autobiography: The late films of Akira Kurosawa On heights and falls/ Anبیشتر بخوانید
Preface World Cinema Andrei Tarkovsky  life and artworks; part of Russian cinema history An interview with Andrei Tarkovsky, Movies of mine are episodes of my own life Andrei Tarkovsky’s cinema / Abstract material of inside Andrei Tarkovsky’s cinema reviewed from “Sacrifice” checkpoint Andrei Tarkovsky and resurrection of image Time and space boundaries in Andrei Tarkovsky’s cinema Solaris as an ID machine Fast forwarding towards apocalypse Tarkovsky and directing Modest Mussorgsky’s Boris Godunov opera / Monster in the making Tarkovsky’s cinema / politics of form vs. political form Review on Steam-rollerبیشتر بخوانید
World Cinema -Life and art of Woody Allen; A glance at American Cinema -Moscow-Manhattan: Russian Soul of Woody Allen Films -An Interview with Woody Allen; A comic exemplum of a tragic world -Parody in Woody Allen Cinema -About the relationship of life and Woody Allens’ films – Issac Babel, Woody Allen and jewish identity -About “Match Point” and “Irrational Man”; Woody Allen’s Raskolnikov -Woody Allen Cinema, Comedy of destruction -Short documentary “Meeting W.A.” by Jean-Luc Godard/Black Bird -Crime and Wickedness -Reasons of avoid venerating Woody Allen -End of Hollywood Filmsبیشتر بخوانید
Preface World Cinema Federico Fellini and pieces of Italian cinema history ۸ ½ : Praise for artistic innovation Interview with Federico Fellini: Life, Mi maestro! Sorrow poem: About Fellini’s sweet life Carnivalesque and Fellini’s Rome Charlie Rose interviews Martin Scorsese on Federico Fellini Psychoanalytical review on Fellini’s I Vitelloni, Juliet of the Spirits and Amarcord/ Wandering fantasies and dancing dreams in LSD harem Possibilities for social imagination in Federico Fellini’s cinema Fellini’s magic, a cinema of everything Fellini, the lunatic and his last film, The Voice of the Moon Reviewبیشتر بخوانید
Introduction to the 70th Issue C&A Autumn issue is focused on renowned French director, Robert Bresson . Creating his individual world and a unique personal style, has given Bresson the rank of an outstanding filmmaker, being an inspiration to so many of his subsequent directors. A translation by Saleh Najafi has opened a new orifice for the readers. Iran cinema HAS Cinematic management as its focal point. Alireza Raeesian, Behroze afkhami, Alireza dad and Javad Tousi, discuss the main factors that have hindered a strong cinematic management . why in 60s decade, there is rivalry amongبیشتر بخوانید
Preface World Cinema Sir Ridley Scott and pieces of cinema of England / Homayoun Khosravi Dehkordi Interviewing Ridley Scott  on Blade Runner / I created the human living in the future Time and location in postmodern cinema: From Blade Runner to Wings of Desire Sir Ridley Scott’s atheism Ridley Scott talks about storyboards / The living gods of storyboard Review on four Ridley Scott films focusing on Russell Crowe’s action / Fake author of pop cinema Heavens territory: representation against symbols Blade Runner and psychological economy of the subject Reviewبیشتر بخوانید
Preface World Cinema Life and Artworks of Michelangelo Antonion/  Architecture of empty frames/ Parts of Italian cinema history Antonioni talks about narration to production of his movies/ narrations without start or end Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Red Desert”: Painting as ventriloquism and color as movement Antonioni, a cinema of the body and a cinema of the brain/ Gilles Delouse Reviewing Agrandisman regarding  Antonioni’s modernism/ Looking at Empty Spaces Framing, Painting, Collecting images: Antonioni’s Legacy Antonioni, camera consciousness and extended time: Glance at modernity trilogy and the related unhappiness Power of emptiness inبیشتر بخوانید
Preface World Cinema Life and Artworks of Cristian Mungiu; history and cinema of Romania Interview with Cristian Mungiu / I respect how reality exists / No assembly in the real world Long shots: A reaction to the past in Romanian contemporary cinema Individualism and totalitarianism in Cristian Mungiu’s cinema Cristian Mungiu in “۴ Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days” and “Beyond the Heels” Asghar Farhadi’s “A Separation” influencing Cristian Mungiu’s “Graduation” An ethical glance at Cristian Mungiu’s cinema Review on “۴ Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days” in terms ofبیشتر بخوانید
Preface World Cinema Life and Artworks of Steven Spielberg; American Dream Interview with Steven Spielberg Godard’s list: Why Spielberg and Auschwitz are number one? The giant’s image in “Jaws” Religion and capital in Spielberg’s cinema Financial analysis of Steven Spielberg’s films Schindler’s List and ethical restrictions of Holocaust representation Children in Steven Spilberg cinema/ In the name of father Transmitting from society to ideology Children’s role in Steven Spielberg’s cinema Bridge of Spies / Spielberg’s brilliant thriller Spielberg facing political-social histories in terms of Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan andبیشتر بخوانید